Z. Pregnancy, Birth and Infant Welfare


After pregnancy is confirmed, notify the JuminkaiZہjsection of the Municipal Office in your area. Provide the full name of your doctor, address of your hospital and Certificate of Alien Registration. You will be issued a Mother and Babyfs HandbookiBoshi kenko-techo qN蒠jin which doctors and health workers record details of pre-natal examinations, tests, labor and birth and the childfs medical and dental history and immunizations.

You will be given vouchers for free compulsory blood testsiKetsueki Kensa tj which can be administered by your doctor during a pre-natal visit. One voucher covers anemiaiHinketsunjand syphilisiBaidoku ~Łjand the other covers hepatitis BiB gata kan-en a^̉j. Health Insurance dose not cover the doctorfs fee for normal delivery. However, if complications arise, fees are partly covered.


EBirth Registration (Shussho todoke) o

Notify the Immigration Office and Juminka section of your local municipal office within two weeks of the birth of your child. A foreignerfs card will be registered, so community health offices can notify you when physical examinations or immunizations are due.


EInfant Health Check (Nyuyo-ji Kenshin) cf

A range of free infant welfare services are provided. If you have either Employeefs Health Insurance or National Health Insurance, all doctorfs bills are insured for the babyfs first three years. Medicines are free, although there may be a small charge for containers.

In most local area, free physical examinations for infants are carried out at the local Community Health Center. Examinations are recommended at 3-4 months, 10-11 months or whenever you are concerned about your babyfs health. Contact the local offices where you live for infant physical examination schedules.

A malignant tumor, Neuroblastoma (Shinkeiga-saibosyu _oזE) is curable if diagnosed early. The screening test of this tumor is performed at the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Tokushima University. Mass screening test for such rare infant diseases as Cretinism (Kurechin-sho N`), Phenylketonuria (Feniruketon nyosho tFj[PgA), Maple Syrupuria (Mepurusiroppu nyosho [vVbvA), Homocystinuria (homosisuchin nyosho zVX`A), Galactosemia (Garakutosu kessho KNg[X), and Adrenal Hyperplasia (Hukujin-kakeisei tߌ`) are carried out at the Tokushima Prefectural Center of Public Health and Environmental Science.

Tokushima-daigaku igakubu huzoku byoin syonika wwta@

s{2-50-1 TEL:088-633-7135

Tokushima-ken hoken-kankyo center ی‹Z^[

s㒬5-71 TEL:088-625-7751


A comprehensive physical examination, including eyesight, hearing and dental check, and developmental assessment is offered for babies at 18 months and 3 years at the local Community Health Center. The local municipal office where you live will notify you by mail about when and where to attend. Immunizations for Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus (7 months old), Measles (13 months old), German Measles (25 months old, 1st grade, 8th grade), Polio (3-14 months old) and Tuberculin Test & BCG (39 months old) , will be also notified by mail from the local municipal office.


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