Y. Public Hospitals

Most major hospitals have competent doctors who may speak English, German, French or other foreign languages. Under normal circumstances, hospital receptionists can arrange for you to meet an appropriate doctor.Even if your Japanese is poor, you should be able to make yourself understood in simple English. Carry your Insurance Card or a copy of it in case of emergency.


Tokushima shi s

Tokushima Prefectural Central Hospital a@

@Tokushima Kenritsu Cyuhoh Byoin TEL:088-631-7151

Tokushima Municipal Hospital sa@

@Tokushima Shimin Byoin TEL:088-622-5121

Tokushima University Hospital wwa@

@Tokushima Daigaku Fuzoku Byoin TEL:088-631-3111

Tokushima Posts&Telecommunications Hospital Ma@

@Tokushima Teishin Byoin TEL:088-623-8611

Naruto shi –s

Naruto Health Insurance Hospital Nی–a@

@Kenkohoken Naruto Byoin TEL:088-685-2191

Komatsushima shi s

Japanese Red Cross Tokushima Hospital ԕa@

@Tokushima Nisseki Byoin TEL:08853-2-2555

Anan shi s

Anan Medical Association Central Hospital ta@

@Anan Ishi-kai Chuoh Byoin TEL:0884-22-1313

Mugi cho

Tokushima Prefectural Kaifu Byoin Ca@

@Tokushima Kenritsu Kaifu Byoin TEL:0884-72-1166

Yuki Cho R

Yuki National Health Insurance Hospital NیRa@

@Yuki Cho Kokumin Kenkoh Hoken Byoin TEL:0884-78-0075

Ikeda cho rc

Tokushima Prefectural Miyoshi Byoin ODa@

@Tokushima Kenritsu Miyoshi Byoin TEL:0883-72-1131


@Consultation hours and services are usually 09:00-11:00. Contact the hospitals ahead of time. If possible, take a Japanese-speaking friend with you to help with communication.

@Most hospitals in Tokushima see patients on a first come first served basis, rather than by appointment. So there may be a waiting period of an hour or more.

@The usual procedures for a first out-patient visit to a large hospital involves filling out an application form and presenting it with your health insurance card at the reception desk. A gRegistration Cardhis issued and a chart prepared.

@For laboratory tests or X-rays, the patient will be directed to relevant departments. In the case of University Hospital, the patients will be seen first by a junior staff doctor. Most doctors at large hospitals operate on a rotation system. If you want to see the same doctor on your next visit, arrange for it to coincide with the doctorfs schedule. Recently, most medicines are dispensed through pharmacies.


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